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Through the Lens of Anthony

Name: Anthony C.
Occupation: Entreprenuer
Number of Kids: 3


What type of father do you aspire to be?

    I inspired to be better than my natural father. To stick around and help raise my children (woman cooperating of course). To stop the cycle of abandonment that occurred several generations before me. I was the lucky one. I found a perfect person. Now the bar will be how the next generation raises theirs.

      What examples do you glean from in your fatherhood?

        Educational and personal behavior are good examples. Respect self and then others is a great test of raising character. Changing diapers. Spending the first 8 or so years with the children to help mode and shape their values and morals.

          Best memory of your father or male figure in your life?

          My natural father taught me basically what not to do. I was fortunate that I had a father to raise me (sometimes a little to harshly) and a grandfather (who thought I was an idiot until he found out differently in the end) who was a great role model. The combination of those figures and my uncles molded me into the male I am today.

            What is the best moment you’ve had with your son or daughter?

              The birth of my children. A runner up would be the times we went to Hawaii with the whole family.

              What motivates your SWAG?

              I’m a revolutionary brother in a world that rejects my difference. My wife and I were still able to raise a good family and still keep our blackness intact. No struggle, no progress! I know we added a bunch of blackness and pride to this world and hopefully passed on to the next generation.

                How have you grown as a father over time?

                  I learned how to be more accessible when situations arise. I learned how to be a better husband by being a better father (huge turn on for some wives). A better grandfather.
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